Miho Kumagae


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Born in Japan, Miho moved  to Australia in 2003 with a background in corporate business. Working as a PA for the principal of a large real estate agency in Cairns and then advancing to sales agent was the beginning of her successful story in the real estate industry.

Being focused, well organised and disciplined are important factors needed to succeed in real estate. When conducting business with Miho, you can expect a high level of professionalism in administration, communication and service. A client‐centred attitude, detailed documentation and beautiful product presentation are traditions taught in the Japanese business world of selling any product. She holds these values dear to her heart, your property included. Miho has been involved in many high-end property sales, and is a confident, effective and skilled sale agent. Never one to walk away from a tough negotiation with a buyer, Miho has a proven track record of success and a great one to have on your side when selling property.

Miho has also dedicated herself to grow our property management service. All our landlords are happy about our personalised and trustful service.

Miho aims to provide the best service to all our clients – sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants and welcome all newcomers to the DJ Smith Property style of real estate.